• February 22, 2024

Coffee Shops of Amsterdam: Boerejongens

All the Best “Coffee” in Amsterdam, Rated by the Lilly Likes Team!

When we heard tale of a coffeeshop hidden in the west of Amsterdam that sold some of the best super lemon haze in the city, we had to go there and find out for ourselves. Rumour has it that they even let you pick your own buds from the tub if you like, and that Boerejongens is the real deal. There’s no tourist trap here, just good, old-fashioned, Netherlands buds.

Before we get stuck into the deets let’s review. You can find out more about any number of other Amsterdam based “coffee” shops in the city by visiting our pages. You might also learn a little about some of the other destinations that make this city one of the most visited in Europe every year, such as the smoke boat. Don’t forget that we supply little tasters of Amsterdam with our little boxes of goodies… Now back to the Boerejongens…

Advertising themselves as the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam is normal for every single one of them, but Boerejongens might actually be in with a shot of winning the title for real. This place is the Dutch coffeeshop of choice. It’s where you go when you want to get away from all the pesky tourists… It’s where you go if you don’t’ want to spend a fortune getting high. It’s been a firm favourite among natives of Amsterdam for many years now, long enough to have established a plethora of die-hard fans.

We wanted to find out exactly what it was that made this place everyone’s favourite smoke up joint (Excuse the pun), so we did a little digging to find out more. Here’s the figurative scoop on Boerejongens BIJ.

Atmosphere and Vibe

As far as coffeeshops in Amsterdam go, this place is kind of clean cut in terms of presentation. With nice, light-coloured pine wood as detail and around the bar area, and a neutral finish to the wall colour. It’s refreshing to be in an Amsterdam coffeeshop and not be affronted by a dark sense of ominous foreboding. In the old days, the coffeeshops might also have sold alcohol and so many of them still represent the pub scene. Not this one.

Boerejongens is bright, light, and clean. Its menu is detailed and streamlined as if you were ordering food in a restaurant. We adore what they have done with the place and it certainly doesn’t feel like they have made if glossy to attract the tourists. The reasonable prices do a lot to help keep it away from the tourist trap end of the scale.

We gave them a 5 out of 5 for atmosphere and Vibe. There’s not really a wrong answer for this category – but they come up with something quite unexpected. They provide a place where smoking weed is totally normalised, and it’s just so nice to see.

Munchies and Drinks

There are people that say this place is more like a take-away coffeeshop, or even like a dispensary, than it is somewhere to smoke-in. This is partly to do with the electronic menus – there are reviewers who think it takes away from the place. We say paperless is the way forward. Others have suggested it is due to the food and drink menu. Let’s just say it’s not the main focus of this place. The Weed Menu is massive, the Food Menu is virtually non-existent. And we do mean virtually. They don’t have it on a screen.

They have a steady supply of cake and whipped cream for the hot chocolates. We’d kind of like to ask these people what more they want… a sandwich, maybe? Us too. We had no choice but to award a 3.5. We love cake but we like a savoury option, too.

We kind of forgive them in the poorer categories like this one, because Boerejongens is heavily involved in the cannabis cup…


Products/Edibles (420)

This place has a huge selection of weeds. Where their lack of menu in terms of food and drink sets them apart, so does this. In conjunction with Amsterdam Genetics, they have created several strains. Let’s take a look at what they have on offer.


Strains at Boerejongens:

  • Super Silver G13, Blue Amnesia, Choco Magic Haze and Amnesia Haze for a choice of sativa blends.
  • Indica strains include Kosher Tangie (tangerine) Kush, SkyRocket Homegrown, Choco Kush HG and AK 020 Amsterdam.
  • Pre-rolled doobs include Sativa Jack Pod, Amnesia, Unbleached White Choco or an Indica mix.
  • They have brownies AND GUMMIES. If you haven’t had CBD/THC gummies yet you are seriously missing out on life experiences that you remember.
  • Some more expensive strains, like White Choco Fem, Some auto flowering seeds of your own for the collector, and various other bits and pieces.

In terms of marijuana menu we couldn’t ask for a single other thing. A+++. We gave them 5 stars because we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if we didn’t.

Café Merchandise

In terms of merchandise, it seems like this particular coffeeshop does more trade in 420 products than they do in merchandise. We certainly couldn’t find a website for them, although they do have fairly active social media pages. It seems they do have a chef, as well, since the cakes they sell are pretty fabulous. They certainly don’t seem to be making any waves in the hoody/t-shirt/hat game.

To be honest, we feel like they would lose something if they did. We would like to see more than cake, but CBD gummies are a brilliant shout. We will give them 3.5 just because they made a token effort.

Lilly Likes Verdict

Where does that leave the coffeeshop Boerejongens? Overall, they scored a calming 17 out of 20. It’s not the highest score but it definitely puts them up there among the ranks of the greats. They have good options in space cake, great options in strains, but they might let you down when it comes to cold drinks and buying souvenirs. As we mentioned, this isn’t a tourist trap. It’s the place the natives of Amsterdam go to get their weed. Those ‘in the know’ are aware that few coffeeshops in the city rival them in price. If Lilly Likes had any tips for them? We’d ask for savoury menu options and maybe a few packets of skins.

We tourists need something, it doesn’t need to be crap…


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