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Coffeeshops of Amsterdam: Hunter’s

All the Best Coffeeshops of Amsterdam, Rated by Lilly Likes!

As a brand, Hunter’s began back in 1985. This iconic coffeeshop is part bar, part coffeeshop, part merchandising dream – but we will cover all of this in a moment. Before we get to our Warmoesstraat coffeeshop of the day; let’s talk what else you can get up to in Amsterdam.

Here at Lilly Likes we love to provide our readers with a whole range of reviews. If you have just joined us, flip over to Lilly Likes for travel deals all over Europe or stick with our Amsterdam pages and find some of the best things to do in and around your favourite city. Our personal favourites include learning about the ancient art of prostitution at the Red Lights Secrets museum or visiting the Ice Bar for a couple of cold ones (and some bad puns).

So, without further ado let’s get on with the show. Just how good is Hunter’s Bar and how does it compare with the others? We were ready with our scoreboards and aching to find out…


Atmosphere and Vibe

Category 1: atmosphere and vibe… How does Hunters make you feel when you walk in? For us, it feels a lot like coming home. We mention the words “friendly and welcoming” quite often but we don’t mention feeling at home quite so often. When you come into Hunters you don’t feel judged, you don’t feel forced to buy anything, and you don’t feel eyes watching you suspiciously. You can smoke weed here even if you didn’t buy it here – which is almost an automatic 5/5 for us.

We came across Hunter’s some years ago, learned it didn’t mind you smoking other café’s stuff, and decided we would stay. Every time the Lilly Likes contingent visits Amsterdam, Hunter’s is at the top of the itinerary. We really do treat this place like our meeting spot, home base and HQ. If you visit and stay often, then you probably will too.

5 out of 5 for Atmosphere and Vibe. We will adjust our rose-coloured glasses of nostalgia and power on, proud.

Munchies and Drinks

Hunter’s Bar is in the middle of the Red Light district and has its own partner in crime known as the ‘Vodka Bar’ for those that like a bit of a tipple. Oh, and they have a second coffeeshop across the street for the overspill on busy days – and they do have them.

They sell a variety of cold drinks as well as hot ones and get a bit of a reputation for being good with juices. Their pub-vibe coffeeshops sell some deliciously strong espressos that you can tuck in to, but their main focus is on the atmosphere and vibe. They do a range of infused milkshakes that are pretty fun for those that don’t smoke…

We gave them 4 out of 5 for Munchies and Drinks. Nothing wrong here, but nothing is exceptional, either.

Product/Edibles (420)

Hunter’s coffeeshop have a whole yummy range of 420 friendly products. One of their most well known is their own brand of Hunter’s Lemon Kush. Anyone who has ever smoked a lemon kush in Amsterdam knows the distinctive taste and unique flavour… and Hunter’s sells the best of it.

They will do a pre-rolled with tobacco, without tobacco, some gorgeous space cakes with a choice of Hash Brownie or Weed Blonde. They have 14 regular types of marijuana for sale. If you buy the full 5g they give you a 10% discount (which is an excellent touch) – and remember they don’t force you to buy here in order to smoke here.

Three of that lists are usually newer strains and changed up often. 5 of their strains (as we know of at the moment) are former Cannabis Cup Winners… Add that to a salad bowl option of weed baggies and you just about have a winning score. All that’s missing is us.

We gave Hunter’s Bar a 5 out of 5 for Product/Edibles. They have multiple options for smoking goodness, and they let you bring your own… plus a discount? Bah! They cover all the bases.

Café Merchandise

Hunters have a great online game. Their website features a new comic every week via their logo character – Hunter, whose bar it is. He’s a yellow dog (who is absolutely not a bulldog) on a blue background, with a bit of a tie dye feel. He keeps people coming back for more. They also have a mailing list and an online community which, let’s be fair about this, gives customers something free to look forward to.


Unfortunately their online shop is still under construction, so we can’t order any Hunter’s Bar memorabilia over the power of Wi-Fi. This is a bit more of an issue. They are missing a huge trick if they aren’t shifting grinders, lighters, vapes and t-shirts over t’internet.

As a result of this strained half-and-half, we have no choice but to give them a 3 out of 5 for merch. We regret it but we can change it later when their site is up and running properly.

Lilly Likes Verdict

We will always have a tear in our eye and a fond memory or two, when it comes to Hunter’s. We are also the first to admit that we might be a little bit biased. In addition to all of this, today was the day we realised that a coffeeshop can earn extra points by being nice enough to let you smoke other weed on their premises. Nice.

What’s the verdict on this stoner’s haven? We love Hunter – character, logo, pubs, coffeeshops – we buy it, the whole brand. Or we would buy it, if we could find it online. In the meantime, we are more than happy to visit and Lilly Likes followers should be too. With an overall score of 17 out of 20, the coffeeshop at Hunter’s is filled with choice, gives great atmosphere, and manages to keep up with the big boys in the marijuana business.

We give it a Lilly Likes seal of approval. 17/20. Would recommend to a friend. Would not lick the floorboards but would try both types of cake.


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