• February 22, 2024

Coffeeshops of Amsterdam: IBIZA

All the most-loved Amsterdam coffeeshops, as rated by Lilly Likes.

Today, we thought we would browse through the delights on offer at the Coffeeshop IBIZA. Billing itself as the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam, it is also one of the biggest. They have some award-winning strains on their menu and have even won a trophy or two, themselves. Naturally, we wanted to give the place a once over to see if Lilly Likes it or not. She likes most things, to be fair. She’s not fussy.

So, before we demolish this treasure trove of marijuana goodness, let’s talk about some of the other things you can do in Amsterdam. We have collated and summarised some of the best in our own blog, which you can help us out by reading. We are fond of the Over-The-Edge swing at the Lookout, and of the collection we put together that details some of the places you can go in Amsterdam to smoke weed you bought elsewhere. Now that we are all familiar with one another, let’s move on to picking apart Coffeeshop IBIZA with a pair of tweezers and a microscope. Hopefully, it won’t be as gross as it sounds

Atmosphere and Vibe

There are more than 70 seats in this place, so it is pretty big. The offshoot of this is that there isn’t a huge que to get in, nor is it a struggle to meet your friends here. We’ve only come across one or two other coffeeshops as big as this and it’s a definite plus. They will provide you with free Wi-Fi too, something we sort of expect as standard nowadays, but that actually not all coffeeshops remember…

There’s a definite disco vibe to the place… bit not 80’s disco, more like disco in space with optional pinball machines or computer screens for you to use. It’s the perfect place to come and smoke while you study. There are couches, cats, and blue lights under everything. It’s all extremely focused on the 420 products and so is their online marketing. They have an overall 4.75 rating on Trip Advisor which is pretty high up in the grand scheme of things.


Overall, we gave them a 5 out of 5 for atmosphere and vibe. It’s spacious, it’s not constantly packed full of people like a weed-smelling-sardine can, and it transforms into a space-age disco themed coffeeshop by evening. We guess that’s why they call it IBIZA.

Munchies and Drinks

Again, this is a coffeeshop that has focused on their product range in other areas. That doesn’t mean that they don’t put any thought into their food and drink menu, though. They have all you would expect in cold drinks, from fresh juices to the customary Red Bull to keep you awake as you smoke up.

They serve a variety of coffee machine based drinks including hot chocolates, and a small selection of snack type foods like cookies and cake. Not bad, but not the main focus. There is the distinct impression that the quality of the weed is enough to carry them.

We gave them a 4 out of 5 for munchies and drinks. They have the minimum we would expect from a coffeeshop.


Products/Edibles (420)

As for their products and edibles, that’s a whole different matter. They have won best coffeeshop awards for a reason and it is not the cake… although they do sell space cake that gets a good reputation. The cake is hash muffin and is homemade… or in-house made, anyway. How could you order in space cake?

Anyway… The IBIZA have separated their Cannabis into Indica and Sativa based strains and provide 4+ of each. They have four types of hash, three of hashish and two solid specials. They then have a further five special Indica, and five special sativa strains.


You can expect:

  • Jungle Haze – all your fave haze with a tropical twist
  • Amnesia or Lemon haze – Amnesia was a Cannabis Cup winner in 2004
  • Green Crack – known to grow fast
  • White Cheese – a cross between white widow and cheese
  • Girl Scout Cookies – world renowned as a sweet, tasty smoke

So as you can see, a good selection of classics and cup winners. We gave them 5 out of 5 for products/edibles. They aren’t just 420 friendly, they’re 420’s BFF.

Café Merchandise

The website features a virtual tour which is kind of nice. Aside form Lilly Like’s own Amsterdam boxes, virtual tours are another good way to get a taste of Amsterdam regardless of where in the world you are. They also have a store locator on there, which means you might never get lost looking for them.

What we didn’t find on the website was an online shop. We don’t really see much evidence of merchandise in the virtual tour, either. We’re guessing they must have their logo on beermats somewhere, but perhaps that you can only get them when you are in the building… which sucks a bit for us.

We gave the IBIZA a 4 out of 5 for merchandise because we couldn’t’ find any available except for in the shop itself. Not great when you have an international fan base to accommodate… and appease.

Lilly Likes Verdict

What is there left to say except that IBIZA is a rock star among coffeeshops? We mean that almost literally. If you are going to see a gig in a coffeeshop, want to catch the game with your mates, or fancy playing some pinball, then this is the place. It’s a coffeeshop that feels like a local pub, and we are not upset by that, one little bit.

IBIZA fills a niche in the market that other places can’t quite reach. It’s not about the cake or the coffee – it’s about the high quality of the bud served. It’s more like a dispensary than other places, and even has a bit of a nightlife vibe to it. It’s the place where the cool kids hang out… if only we were all cool.

Coffeeshop IBIZA scored 18 out of an overall 20. Not bad – but give us something to buy online, and we will love you forever


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