Combine Rijksmuseum and Frans Hals in One Ticket!

There are few people who travel all the way to Amsterdam and then decide not to see the Rijksmuseum. This marvellous attraction lures around a million visitors per year, enticing them with a white van with “fine art” scrawled on the side. Not really. But that’s how the British Museum does it.

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Frans Hals, on the other hand, was a famous artist known for painting portraits of the people of Haarlem, where he lived. Although Antwerp-born, this artist will feature in a new specialist exhibit run by the Rijksmuseum. This ticket is primarily to see his works and learn more about him, but it also includes entry to the museum itself.

The museum and collection contain over 8,000 objects, each of which helps tell the story of 800+ years of art history. You can browse true masterpieces here – as in the pieces apprentices would study for ten years under a master to create. Once the teaching was over, the apprentice presented their master-piece – the piece given to the master to buy their graduation. The Rijksmuseum is where a solid chunk of these pieces have ended up.

See Rembrandt’s ‘The Night Watch’ here, enjoy pieces by Yves Saint Laurent, Van Gogh, and of course – the premiere attraction with this ticket – the Frans Hals objects d’art.

Details of the Rijksmuseum and Frans Hals Deal:

  • Non-refundable tickets
  • Valido n the day of your choosing
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Entry is for the Frans Hals exhibit but includes the museum as a whole
  • Doll’s houses, silverware, and pieces by the great masters are all attractions
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