Explore the Grandeur of the Stedelijk Museum

Just when you thought you had seen every museum that Amsterdam has to offer, another rears its lovely head. This bargain gives you entry into the Stedelijk Museum, a contemporary art space that teaches visitors about art movements and the masters who orchestrated them. This adventure is ideal for anyone who loves art history. If you are a student, lifelong learner, or fan of art in all its forms, then this museum trip in Amsterdam will make you smile.

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The best parts of the Stedelijk will vary depending on your artistic tastes. However, expect to immerse yourself in a world which explores what modern day β€˜art’ truly is. The museum includes a varied mix of artists and their works ranging from the 20th and 21st centuries. Artists you might wish to head for include Pablo Picasso, Yayoi Kusama, Jeff Koons, Issey Miyake, Marlene Dumas, and more.

Current exhibits delve into the worlds of migrant artists and explores their impact on Amsterdam culture – and in other cities. Research projects, forgotten artists, and parallel histories are normal topics here. Remember that these exhibits will change over time, so every time you visit the Stedelijk you will see something new.

Details of the Stedelijk Museum Ticket Deal:

  • Free cancellation up until the day before
  • Reserve it now and pay it when you have cash
  • You get a tour guide who is multilingual
  • Suitable for small groups
  • Private walking tour
  • See special exhibits featuring artists like Pablo Picasso
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