Fancy an Evening Canal Cruise?

There are loads of great deals on different types of tours around Amsterdam. Most of these involve some form of canal boat, plus a guide, plus alcohol. This canal cruise tour is no different, excepting the fact that Amsterdam is stupendously beautiful from the water.

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At night, the bridges light up and the sides of the canals bustle with activity. Revellers walk around the city and natives cycle past. You experience the bright lights of the city in a unique way, enjoying fairy lights, lamps, lanterns, and the pretty bridges of the old city.

This type of cruise really proves to you that there is always more to be had from your riverboat. The Dutch heritage and culture stems from the relationship The Netherlands have with the sea and waterways. At one point, the Dutch Trading Company were the world’s finest, trading internationally back in the days where even the Queen/King didn’t rule the waves.

The highlights of this trip include the merry houses, all in that slightly squint Amsterdam architecture way. You will see the amazing canal houses, which they build on pillars and stilts and where the people live literally on the water.

Details of the Evening Canal Cruise:

  • Lasts for 75 minutes
  • There is an audio commentary you can listen to in your language. Probably. They have 19 languages.
  • Kids cruise audio tour
  • Complimentary ear phones
  • Buy now and pay later
  • You will sail past:
    • A’Dam Tower
    • Centraal Station
    • Westerkerk
    • Blauwburg Bridge
    • Amstel Hotel
    • Rijksmuseum
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