Live Commentary Canal Cruise of Amsterdam

There are many options in canal cruise when it comes to seeing the old areas of Amsterdam city. At every port and jetty there is a cruise captain waiting to welcome you aboard – and if we are honest, we haven’t come across one yet that has a bad rating.  Each cruise offers a different edge; some niche that makes them successful. This canal cruise comes with a guide giving an audio tour in person while you sail down the canals in a covered glass boat.

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In fact, this boat isn’t just covered, it’s also luxurious. That is: it’s luxurious when you compare it to other canal cruise boats. It has a roof, for a start, which immediately places it in the top 90%. Other luxuries include live commentary from the Captain, an onboard toilet – no sticking your bum off the side here! – and heating. As an additional bonus, they can open the roof if it is good weather,

The cruise will take you past the Anne Frank House, so you can learn her story and peek in at the building where she and her family hid from the Nazis. You will sail the IJ river, which is renowned for its role in the old Dutch trading world. You will spy numerous other sites during this hour and fifteen minute long trip.

Details of the Live Commentary Canal Cruise in a Luxury Boat:

  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours before
  • 75 minute tour with your own driver
  • Audio tour from a real person, though you can ask for headphones etc.
  • These tickets skip any queues
  • See Anne Frank House, the Amstel, and sail the IJ River.
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