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Our Top 10 Things to See and Do in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam… city of indulgence, high taxes, and err… Tulips. Much as we all love the plant matter, and as much as windmills are mesmerising – we asked our internet audience what their favourite things about Amsterdam. So here we have it: the top 10 things to see and do in Amsterdam, as voted by our followers!

Visiting Amsterdam? Here Are Our Top Ten Attractions!


Want to know what the best things to do in Amsterdam are this season? You came to the right place! We found the top 10 Amsterdam attractions on the internet and brought them all together into one bite-size chunk, just for you.

Amsterdam Sight 1 – The Lost in Amsterdam Lounge Bar

So when you arrive in Amsterdam and step off the plane, you need to take a train to the city centre. When you get off that train the very first thing you are going to want to do is plonk yourself down in a café. While the Bulldog is great for a ‘I just arrived and I need something to smoke right now…” moment; we suggest you seed out Lost in Amsterdam for a cocktail to go with that smoke.

Lost in Amsterdam is actually a popular hash tag on twitter and Insta – but not for the lounge, because it is so easy to get actually lost in Amsterdam. Not a single moment of time spent lost will be wasted… which is kind of the essence of this cosy little lounge in the heart of town.


Amsterdam Attractions 2 – The Amsterdam Lookout

The Amsterdam lookout is a really tall deck set above the city. You can spot it from most places, and if you go up there it gives panoramic views of the whole city. From the street Amsterdam is a maze… from above it is an intricate web of World Heritage canals……Oh yes, and the A’DAM Lookout has a swing, so those that are truly daring can test their bravery and record it, for all the world to see. Believe it or not, this is the highest swing in Europe. For only five euros you can be suspended above the city by a few ropes and a harness. This is definitely a favourite Amsterdam attraction according to Trip Advisor… but it is only for the brave of heart.

Amsterdam Must-See 3 – The NEMO Science Museum

Once in a while people take their children to Amsterdam… we’re not sure why, but we also don’t think that the family orientated should miss out on a wonderful Amsterdam Adventure. On that note, you should take the little ones to the science centre and spend an afternoon enthralled in experiments.

As well as being amazing for kids of all ages, the NEMO centre has a rooftop full of extra activities and the standard gift shop and café. What they have above all else is architecture… as one Instagram user put it:


Amsterdam Amazement 4 – Ann Frank’s Home

A lot of us forget that this smoky city is about more than just tulips and windmills. Amsterdam has a dark history that holds some of the worst memories of wartime in Europe. One of those memories can be found in a tour of Ann Frank’s former home. This is the house she and her family went into hiding in. It was opened in 1957 by her father and concerned community members who knew this important piece of history needed to be preserved.

We would ask that you have a little respect with this one. Taking poses and pictures in certain places is not the way to preserve these memories. Take photos of the house if you will, but let’s not have a repeat of the holocaust memorial incident… we don’t want to give the Boomers any ammunition if we can help it…

What to see in Amsterdam 5 – The Dam Square

This is one of those places that you can’t possibly miss on your visit. It would be like going to Rome and not seeing the Trevi Fountain, or not stopping by the Vatican.

Dam Square has a shopping centre inside the main building, it sometimes holds street markets, and it occasionally turns into an ice rink… it’s basically the place that he cool kids go to hang out on holidays. If you want to eat, drink or shop in style then be there, in the Square, or beware… see what we did there?


Things to do in the Dam 6 – Take a Canal Ride


You won’t struggle to find a canal in Amsterdam. They are everywhere you look. Perched along every other street you will find boat tours, boats for hire, and people willing to take your money for a short trip down the water.

Chill out, relax, and let someone take you on a really refreshing ride down a canal… or hire your own boat, cut about for a few hours having fun, and try not to crash. No Matter which you choose you will have a great time… and it might turn out to be one of the most relaxing things you ever do in your life.

Twitter’s Favourite Thing to do in Amsterdam 7 – Wander…

That saying of not everyone who wanders is lost? That applies in Amsterdam. Regardless of time of day, season, or lack of light – you can find fantastic photo opportunities around every corner. The whole city is built in this sort of chocolate box style housing array. Apartments run parallel, quaint, painted, each unique – and one or two definitely squinted.

Get out of the coffee shop and have a wander. Take your photos before your eyes get red… it is Amsterdam after all. People will know 🙂

Amsterdam Attraction 8 – The Van Gogh Museum


So this one is for the art lovers. Obviously Van Gogh was from Holland and made some of the most influential ripples in art history with his work. You really shouldn’t pass through Amsterdam without stopping in to pay your respects.

Who knows… you might even learn a thing or two, while you are there. You will also get to see some of his most famous works in all their original glory. No heists please, ladies and gentlemen, let’s keep it civil.

Things to do in Amsterdam 9 – the Rijksmuseum or the Stedelijk

Continuing with the Art theme, these are two of the best art museums in all of the known world… and they are both in the same city. Lucky Amsterdam ducks can browse works by the old masters or peruse more contemporary collections… and we bet you thought you were getting an article about drugs, didn’t you?

Modern art in Amsterdam is a huge scene. If you are studying it in any form then this is one city that should be on your list. Check out this piece we found on Twitter. It’s breath-taking… some of these artists need to be made famous…

Amsterdam’s Top Attraction – The Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo


There is no feeling better in this world than stepping off the canal boat and out into the city centre – to be greeted by a variety of colourful animals. They have an aquarium, a planetarium with events and shows; they have all the animals you could wish for… Keep safety restrictions in mind and be aware that most exhibitions will be in Dutch. Still awesome though… Check out what’s happening with the Zoo over on Instagram… they always have the best pics!

If you are in Amsterdam with the kids this is the best destination. If you are in Amsterdam with your friends this is the best destination… everyone loves the zoo!

Other Notable Amsterdam Attractions

There is so much to see and do in Amsterdam that we just couldn’t fit it all in to one space! If you are spending a few weeks or days holiday in Amsterdam though, here are some other notable attractions you ought to check out:

  • The Pancake Boat – go on a boat, eat pancakes, memorialise the occasion on Insta.
  • The PowerZone – they have glow in the dark golf – who doesn’t love glow in the dark golf? And where else would you play it in all the world?
  • The De TonTon Club – which is actually a mix of an arcade, a pub and a restaurant… Excellent if you have some teenagers with you.

The list is nearly endless. If you think we have missed anything out then don’t be scared to share and add to our list. The top ten things to see and do in Amsterdam will always be an evolving process.

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Don’t forget that you can find plenty of other places to visit in Amsterdam nestled among our pages!


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