Pay Your Respects at the National Holocaust Museum

Visiting Amsterdam this holiday season? Haven’t yet made the trip to pay your respects? Now might be your sign that it is time.

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The National Holocaust Museum in Amsterdam is a trip that every European should make at least once in their lifetime. It is sobering, hurtful, educational, terribly sad, and absolutely necessary to remember the atrocities of WWII so that we can prevent them from ever happening again. Not least among those atrocities was the treatment of the Jewish people living in Amsterdam at that time.

By the time Anne Frank was discovered, over 100,000 Jewish people had been transported from The Netherlands to the concentration camps of Germany. The total number of souls lost equated to 1.5% of the total population of The Netherlands.

Situated in the Jewish Cultural Quarter, the Holocaust Museum in Amsterdam is currently renovating a former Hervormde Kweekschool where Jewish children were saved by the resistance during the war. Inside you will learn the full story, from start to finish, of the persecution the Jewish people suffered under the Nazi regime.

In their own words, this is a place where we face up to the atrocities and acknowledge the power of discrimination. Indifference has dire consequences, a lesson we can take forward with us today.

Details of the Amsterdam National Holocaust Museum Experience:

  • Book entry to the museum in advance, on the day of your choosing
  • Reserve it now and pay it later
  • Fully wheelchair accessible
  • Free cancellation until the day before
  • Learn about life in The Netherlands for Jewish people before the war
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