Pizza + Boat = Just Another Amsterdam Experience!

Provided that you are not of the travel-sickness persuasion, pizza on board a boat while you are travelling down the canals of Amsterdam might just be the best thing you ever do with your time. Invest 75 minutes of your time to get aboard the pizza express… that’s not what the boat’s called, we just thought it was funny.

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Sail through the UNESCO World Heritage site which is the old canal system of Amsterdam. Built to accommodate a city on the water and to allow free trade among the famous Dutch trading companies, the old canal system is full of charm. And probably fish. There are definitely swans. Do not try to pet them.

This trip around sites like the Westerkerk and the Museum Quarter offers you a drink of your choice and encourages you to indulge in some freshly made pizza. Don’t panic! The pizza isn’t served on the boat!

The cruise lasts for thirty minutes and then drops you off at a gourmet pizza place. Inside, you get to sit at the chef’s table – a high honour – and eat from your pre-ordered choice of pizzas.

Pizzas include vegan cheese options, Margherita’s, Californian Veggie, New York Style, Chilli Chicken, and a classic Pepperoni.

Love pizza, Amsterdam, and the sensation of cruising? This is the A-dam experience for you.

Details of the Amsterdam Pizza Cruise:

  • Lasts for 75 minutes
  • Options for vegans and for children
  • Drinks are included
  • You get some cookie dough chocolate chip ice cream
  • Historic A-dam cruise
  • Niiiccceee.
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