The Amsterdam 420 Friendly 1- Hour Boat Tour

So you are going to Amsterdam and you fancy taking a canal boat cruise around the city. However, your primary purpose in going to Amsterdam is That Which Nobody in the UK Talks About… no, not the sex. The weed.

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You can’t just hop on any boat in the ‘Dam and light up a spliff. You risk offending the boat’s captain and the other clients. Although unlikely to throw you overboard (thank goodness) there are plenty of exits they will happily drop you off at.

Here’s the thing; there are rules to when and where you can smoke marijuana in Amsterdam. Generally they involve things like being inside/outside, in a designated area, and not using tobacco indoors. One of the things locals don’t like is when you walk down the street smoking it. There are kids out there. It’s understandable.

However, if you want to go on a canal cruise of Amsterdam and you desperately want that ethereal, preternatural, wholly relaxed feeling of smoking a dooby on a boat? Then this is the Amsterdam experience you need in your life, ASAP.

This one hour event allows you to relax, roll up, listen to some reggae music, and enjoy life as it was made to be lived… Stoned, happy, and floating down a canal face up.

Details of the Amsterdam Smoke Friendly Boat Tour:

  • Bring along your own 420 products
  • Smoke-friendly
  • Chill out to Reggae
  • Use the indoor heated area on cold days
  • Includes one free soft drink
  • No kids under 18 for obvious reasons
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