• February 21, 2024

The Enchanted Homage: Exploring the Timeless Legacy of Rembrandt in a Lovingly Decorated Space in Amsterdam – Community Review

Discover Rembrandt’s World: Unraveling the Artist’s Life at the Enchanting Rembrandthuis Museum

We love finding new and exciting places in Amsterdam to share with you all, but we also love hearing what our community like to see and do too. So we’ve decided to ask you, our readers to send us your favourite hotels, attraction’s, food places and general Amsterdam things to do, we’ll even give you a £25 Amazon voucher if we publish yours. You can email us your reviews with pictures to info@lillylikes.co.uk and one of our team will get back to you. We will try to publish as many as possible but we can’t guarantee yours will be used.

Sylvia, a cherished member of our community, has recently immersed herself in the marvels of Het Rembrandthuis. Allow us to share a glimpse of Sylvia’s enlightening experience.

You should definitely buy a ticket online, so you avoid the long waiting time at the ticket office. The building has been decorated with a lot of love, as Rembrandt lived and painted. There are works by Rembrandt on different floors and a space in which each presents itself as a painter can try. An audio device tells you about the history of the painter.

I thought it was nice to feel like you were transported back to that time. I didn’t like to see too many people in the but a bit of a small house. Crowding in the individual rooms was a bit uncomfortable and you could hardly look around.

Amsterdam: Museum Rembrandthuis, The Rembrandt House Museum

The Museum Rembrandthuis in Amsterdam offers a unique experience to explore Rembrandt’s life in his former home. The museum, located on Jodenbreestraat, provides an intimate glimpse into the man behind the art. With recently added spaces, including an epilogue room and an etching attic, visitors can discover a vast collection of Rembrandt’s works.

A new multimedia tour brings Rembrandt’s house and the 17th century to life, narrating the artist’s journey from his rise as a celebrated figure to his departure due to financial struggles. Daily demonstrations, held in Rembrandt’s studio, showcase the artist’s painting techniques. The etching attic offers insights into Rembrandt’s etching methods.

From July 1 to October 15, 2023, the museum presents a special exhibition titled “Rembrandt and Love.” Exploring love in various forms through Rembrandt’s eyes, the exhibit features over 50 etchings from The Rembrandt House Museum’s collection. Visitors will delve into themes of dramatic love, parental love, charity, and love for animals, including insights into Rembrandt’s own love life, particularly his immortalization of his first great love, Saskia Uylenburgh, on multiple etching plates. The exhibition promises a captivating journey through the lens of love in Rembrandt’s art.

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The museum is located in the centre of Amsterdam Jodenbreestraat 4, 1011 NK Amsterdam, Netherlands, near the famous Waterlooplein and on a 15 minutes’ walk from Amsterdam’s Central Station.


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