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The Rembrandt House, in Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam is brimming with some of the most culturally creative art that Europe – and the world – has even known. This fun-filled city isn’t just home to Van Gogh and his many brilliant works, it is also home to the Rembrandt House… That’s literally the house that Rembrandt lived in during his time in the city. Someone thoughtfully preserved it and now, hundreds of years later, we are allowed to reap the benefits.

Before we dive in so deeply that we get lost in the world of Rembrandt for the next few paragraphs, let’s just remind everyone what’s going on. We here at Lilly Likes Amsterdam are big advocators for all things awesome. We like to provide cut price deals to get you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city, while simultaneously providing you with a good laugh or two with our blogging expertise. Sound good? Check out our article on the Rijksmuseum or browse our discounted Amsterdam tours for itinerary inspiration.

Now that the boring bit is out of the way, let’s talk artwork, Rembrandt, and paying the master a visit in the comfort of his own home.

The House that Time Forgot

Much like the Ann Frank house, the Rembrandt House has been preserved. It is frozen in time at the point at which he died, letting us get a firm glimpse into the life and times of the artist. You will go through a variety of exhibits as this place is technically a museum. The exhibits review different aspects of the artist to give you a well-rounded view of his personality.


The House…

Through a variety of entrepreneurial tactics, Rembrandt managed to afford a house in the wealthy merchant’s side of town. At one point, Amsterdam were masters of the sea, with Dutch traders reaching far out all across the globe. The Merchant’s area was no poor place during the life of Rembrandt.

The master lived and worked in this neighbourhood for 20 years of his life, along with his wife. He was neighbours with several other wealth Dutchmen, including Pieter Codde, Eliasz Pickenoy, and dozens of other high class artists. His three children were born in this house, and some of his finest masterpieces were painted here. Unlike most artists that lived troubled lives, Rembrandt actually made money while he was alive… go figure.

All of his famous etchings were made here, including the Hundred Guilder and the Three Trees. The house itself is thought to have been designed by one Jacob van Campen – the same architect responsible for the Royal Palace… That’s how wealthy they were. Rembrandt was reportedly an avid collector of fine art and the house was packed full of titbits. Later, his career would decline, and a recession forced him to move in with his mistress, where he spent the last twelve years of his life. To this day, the poorer house in the Jordaan district of the city is commemorated with a plaque – but it was the bigger house that was rescued, reconstructed, and held as a testament to his life, years after he died.

The Collection…

So what sort of things can you see in the house, other than where the maid would presumably have once scrubbed Rembrandt’s long johns? The collection keeps the etchings he made as a foundation and has built the collection from there. Numerous paintings, drawings, sketches, and prints are all in place in the collection. It is a true testament to the fact that this guy was one of the best art history students in…err…history. His consistent collecting of artwork and constant creation of his own work led him to be one of the most prolific artists of his time… or since.

Rembrandt was known for a colossal output of work, combined with a sharp eye for detail. To this day, the best place to learn about him is in his old house. This place is under constant flow of students young and old, who want to study as he did and learn the Rembrandt ways. What does that mean to you and me? Book in advance. We have several awesome Rembrandt House tour deals on our website, if you are interested in making the most of your experience.

It is worth noting that they don’t have his complete works – how could they? You can pop over to the Rijksmuseum to catch some of his masterpieces and a good deal of other famous artworks.


The Other Rembrandt House Attractions

So we have seen his collection and learned about him as an artist – but did you know that Rembrandt had students? The museum also provides you with a safe space to learn reliable facts about them. among them were some fairly famous names, including Aert de Gelder and Gerrit Dou. Both went on to create some stunning pieces of their own. Teaching enabled him to make a few thousand dollars per year from each of his students, again tapping into his entrepreneurial side.

Entrepreneurial Rembrandt

That’s right, the artist was also an entrepreneur. As well as making money from his prints, paintings, and students, he also had his fingers in a few other pies. He would make small investments around town, never quite drawing deals with the wealthy merchants. He would make around 250 guilders a year painting portraits for wealthy clients and even managed to sell artwork after he went bankrupt. When his creditors kept taking his money away, he published numerous paintings under the guise of his mistress, who sold them on his behalf. Even when he was forced to sell the wealthy home he lived in; he still kept his output sky high.

Where to Buy Rembrandt House Amsterdam Tickets?

You can book your tour of the Rembrandt House through our website if you would like the all-access, frills and spills version. If you want to book ahead and wait in the que, you can book tickets for the Rembrandt House through their website… but they are a busy bunch, consider yourselves warned.

The Lilly Likes Verdict

What do we think of the Rembrandt House? Does it matter? They are one of the most successful attractions in the whole city. Go along and see for yourself!


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