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Our Top Ten Coffeeshops In Amsterdam

We adore Amsterdam almost as much as we love windmills… but it is famous for much more than just the red light district. Amsterdam is visited by around 17 million visitors every single year – and how many of them are there for the tulips? Not many.

No, tourists flock to Amsterdam because certain substances are legal there, that aren’t legal back home. Stoners flock by the boat (and plane) load to indulge in everyone’s favourite pass time. The problem with Amsterdam isn’t with the amount of choice you have – it is with the 17 million annual opinions about the best coffee shops…

So, to help our faithful followers decide on the best coffee shops for their Amsterdam itinerary: we put together this list of the actual best coffee shops in Amsterdam… as written by people who have been there, bought the T-shirt and probably still have the complimentary beer mat pinned to a wall somewhere.

The Top 10 (Actual) Best Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

We chose from the best of the best to reach our decision. WE looked at former winners of cannabis cups, at those with the best strains, and at those with the best amenities. Customer reviews are always important because they give a good feel for each place. That being said, we did notice a lot of unhealthy competition out there. Some café owners lower themselves to trashing their competitors. Fortunately this kind of jealousy is pretty darned easy to spot…

This one about Barney’s was found right in beside a wealth of five star reviews. We don’t doubt that there is a little unpleasantness between some coffee shops and the residents of Amsterdam… but we do doubt that Steve B. went around the other few hundred coffee shops and paid them the same compliment.

So as long as we exclude the silly reviews; let’s see what else is on the table. We have talked enough already, let’s get on with it! Here are our top ten Amsterdam coffee shops so you can get your stone on.

10 –The Bulldog

The Bulldog is the first thing you will see when you get off at Centraal Station – after the giant “I Amsterdam letters” at the airport, that is…

Emerging onto the street, the Bulldog coffee shop is one of the first you will find. Not only that: but it was the first coffee shop in Amsterdam: period. Legend has it that it began with a sex shop in number 90, which turned into a basement where likeminded folk met to smoke weed. A few short years later and tourists knew where to find it.

Nowadays it has an outdoor area, an indoor area, a good selection of ‘sweet stuff’ and a very familiar blue and yellow logo. The Bulldog is a tourist attraction all in its own right. Make sure you see it before you leave.

9 – Resin Coffee Shop

Resin is slightly farther from the Centraal Station than the Bulldog is, but it has some pretty cool history to it. Resin is built on the spot where a courier of the Allied Resistance was shot and killed in 1945.


Asides from the historical monument and plaque to the courier, this coffee shop is special because it is spacious, lively, and you genuinely feel like you are in a garden. They have decorated the whole lounge area in greens and browns, and then put a number of wooden benches along the walls. You can site and lie in this coffee shop… or you can choose to have a shot of the honest-to-goodness swing they have in the centre of it all. An indoor swing is exactly what you need in an Amsterdam coffee shop.

8 – Coffeeshop DNA

Although they are number 8 on our list, DNA actually came in at number 6 during the ‘official’ Amsterdam Coffee Shop Awards of 2019. They also picked up 3rd for Best Hybrid strain and 1st place for the Best Space cakes. That’s an impressive menu for a single space.


When we said we were going to give you a list of the actual best coffee shops in Amsterdam we genuinely meant it. DNA is top ten by anyone’s standards. When it comes to the best space cakes in Amsterdam you are guaranteed a winner. Go see for yourself! Who even needs an excuse to visit Amsterdam?

7 – Superskunk Coffee Shop

One of the most famous worldwide of the coffee shops in Amsterdam is Superskunk. It is so well known because it is on Princes Canal, which is right in the heart of Amsterdam’s nightlife district… no, not that night life, get your mind out of the gutters…


It’s not just us who think it is one of the best ten coffee shops in Amsterdam, either. Trip Advisor reviewers love it for its chill atmosphere, its friendly staff… and its reputedly fine selection of erm… goods.  Facebook reviews are really positive. All of them point towards a great service from happy staff, that don’t try to push product on you.

6 – Barney’s Coffee Shop

Found five minutes from Centraal, Barney’s Coffee Shop is now part of a chain which includes the farm, the lounge, the restaurant and bar at ‘Uptown’ and the coffee shop. It’s pretty cool because you can follow some of their strains from farm to fork… as it were.

The farm isn’t an actual farm, FYI. It does contain all the information you could ever want to know about their strains though. It is also the place to go for those souvenir seeds so many of you seem to collect.


Barney’s combine beer, food, education and plant matter. What more could you ask for. Slap a top ten ribbon on it and the job’s a good ‘un. Barney’s is modern, fresh, clean and upbeat… you don’t get a much more pleasant atmosphere to get high in than that.

5 – Coffeeshop Paradox

Looking for the best edibles in Amsterdam? Good. So were we. That was, up until we found Paradox. This little coffee Shop is found in the Jordaan area of the city. It is well priced, friendly, and according to one reviewer from Illinois (where weed is nearly-but-not-quite-legal) they had the most weed per cake, per coffee shop… this guy checked.

Lilly Likes Followers Choice – Coffeeshop Prix d’Ami

We asked our Facebook followers this week whats thier favourite coffeeshop and this was mentioned so many times! So although this place didnt originally feature in our top 10 coffeeshops, we just had to include it.


We haven’t actually tried this place ourselves, but as we said above our Facebook followers love it! Its right in the centre and apparently has super cool weed.

So lets get back to our original top ten coffeeshops

4 – Amnesia

Amnesia is one of the few coffee shops in Amsterdam (not unlike ‘the Bulldog’) that requires little-to-no introduction. Easily in the top five best coffee shops in Amsterdam; Amnesia is where you go when you want a hazy memory and a dry throat.


Amnesia always carries a few strains that pack a punch – and you are sure to find a Cannabis Cup winner or two among them. A word of warning though: it gets busy in here. Don’t make it your last stop of a day.

3 – The Grey Area Coffee Shop

When the rich and famous come to Amsterdam, they like to get their Insta pics taken at the most easily recognisable stores, coffee shops, and streets. The Grey Area has seen the likes of Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Cypress Hill and a long list of other celebrities and cannabis activists pass through their doors. If you want to smoke the same skunk as Snoop then you can’t beat this place.


Grey Area is 25 years young, has won 4 Unity Cups and won the High Times Cup as recently as 2017. When it comes to top three there is no coffee shop more deserving of a place.

2- 420 Coffee Shop

The 420 Coffee Shop is fronted with rich and dark woods. It has a real ‘bar’ vibe to it – probably because there was once a time when they sold alcohol. Since the law forbids it nowadays, they have kept the feel but ditched the booze.


Classic rock posters line the walls, the music is chill and freeing, the vibe is pleasant… This is where the cool kids hang out, so get there early to be sure of a couch.

1 – Coffee Shop Get Down To It

Coffee Shop Get Down To It swoops in like a very sluggish, red-eyed eagle to take the top prize as our favourite coffee shop in Amsterdam. For starters, it has the best shop front. Second, loads of internet and high speed Wi-Fi. Third? Pool tables nobody keeps score on.


We love Get Down To It so much because it’s a hangout lounge. You don’t need to leave. You can shop up at lunchtime and sit there all day, safe in the knowledge that everything you need is a few steps away. They have awesome entertainment, and an unrivalled selection of choices for your tasting pleasure. We cannot recommend it highly enough.

Got Time to Kill in Amsterdam?

If you still find yourself at a loose end then head on over to our list of the top ten things to see and do in Amsterdam. It isn’t all about the smoke, you know, there’s a museum and everything.


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