• February 22, 2024

Where can you Smoke Weed in Amsterdam without buying it?

It sounds like a strange title, yes. Unfortunately, there are a whole host of coffee shops in Amsterdam which make you smoke the weed you bought on their premises, exclusively. Of course, you don’t need to abide by the rules if you can get away with it; but we reckon your average stoner is paranoid enough without that added pressure.

To make life that little bit less anxiety riddled, we put together a list of the best places to sit and chill in Amsterdam, without having to blow money on weed you don’t need. That’s right: today’s list features the best places to smoke weed you have bought elsewhere.

Hot Or Not

Let’s get stuck in. We don’t like to mess around when it comes to weed. We take our cannabis seriously. So while most coffee shops expect you to buy both weed and a soft drink while you are on their premises; here are some of the ones that don’t! A lot of these places you can actually have an alcoholic drink with your smoke which in the coffeeshops is a no no, most also offer some amazing food to go with it too.

The Top 6 Places to go in Amsterdam

(When you’ve already bought weed elsewhere)

6- Hot Or Not

Hot or not is actually a pub/café combo. They do food, as well as allowing you to smoke the weed you brought in with you. Twitter loves this bar… why? Asides from the fact that you can finish off that G you bought last time you went out; it’s probably because a beer is only half a euro more than an Orange Juice!

That being said, reviewers are of the opinion that hot or not could be cheaper, which is why it comes in at number 6 on our list. Lower those prices if you guys want to make it into the top five next time around!

5 – Route66


Route 66 is an authentic coffee shop in the heart of central Amsterdam that lets you smoke pure on the premises, making it the double-whammy when it comes right down to it. Users say it has everything you need from a coffee shop; from fine bud to fine coffee. There is actually a Route 66 bar as well. Just so you know, the bar is reportedly very cool as well.


Asides from letting you finish up that smoke without pressuring you to buy more, Route 66 coffee shop  has some flashy neon decorations and reflects the arts scene of Amsterdam with some hand drawn murals. We’re not sure, but we think if you asked them nicely enough they might let you add to it.

4 – Lost in Amsterdam

A little Amsterdam Inception can be had here. This is a lounge, café, and cocktail bar that are aptly named. Everyone who ever visits Amsterdam gets lost here. It is the way of the city. It is almost like a graduation.

Lost in Amsterdam is one of the more iconic bars in the city. They were the first lounge/bar that would allow smoking and continue this tradition today – as long as there isn’t any tobacco indoors. We have heard rumours that certain places don’t mind that much if you are discreet about it. We would never condone it and warn that doing so might get you chucked out.

This place does welcome shisha smokers as well as regular smokers. Probably the most important thing about this bar is that it sells a drink called a Green Bastard. Genuinely. If you are visiting you should go try one.

3 – Hunter’s Bar


Once again, there is a pub known as Hunter’s, and a coffee shop to boot. Both are focused on helping visitors to the city let loose and enjoy themselves. Since Hunter’s just want everyone to have a good time there is less focus on buying product and more on the relaxed vibe we all come to Amsterdam for to begin with. It’s enough of a laid back atmosphere to earn it third place on our list… a coveted spot indeed.


Hunter’s go all the way back to the first coffee shops in the city. Their history starts in 1985, making them old pros in the business. Go in and enjoy your toke. Not everywhere in Amsterdam rushes you.

2 – Bigshots

One of the best known (and busiest) drink and smoke bars in Amsterdam is Bigshots bar.

You can find Bigshots close to the Dam Square, which is probably why it is so popular. It has some really nice outdoor seating, which is quite rare in the city. Bigshots is filled with colourful light, trendy spirit and some great booze. They certainly don’t spare you any choice in alcohol. Don’t forget they let you smoke too… everybody wins in Bigshots!


1 – Stone’s

Stone’s is a café, bar, and a nightclub, that caters to your every party need. You can bring a bit of weed in with you, relax in their chill out area to smoke it, and then let the evening develop with the tunes and the booze.


What do we love so much about Stone’s? It’s that you don’t need to go anywhere. They even have a little bit of food available through the café. You could show up there on a Saturday morning, stay all day, and stoat home the following morning, suitably sloshed. It’s a place that lets you do a little of everything, without ever really having to leave.


Other Top Tips

When smoking weed in Amsterdam do try to keep it to the coffee shops. Smoking in public places is frowned upon – and the last thing we want is one bad apple ruining it for everyone. Check out this TripAdvisor thread

Asides from not smoking tobacco in areas where you shouldn’t, there aren’t that many more rules on smoking weed in Amsterdam. If you want the most chilled out Amsterdam experience then take our advice and go with the chilled out smoke zones… you won’t regret it!


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